Want to invite you to view some of the music, history, and past and present-day artist doing Jimmie's songs, and news on Jimmie Rodgers.  We will be adding new things here weekly.  The website itself is on the way to becoming a virtual release of the Documentary and Book, and also some new information on the Making Of the feature movie JIMMIE RODGERS: THE MAN THAT STARTED IT ALL.  

Gracie Terzian a young artist in 2016 keeping Jimmie's music alive

Kenny Lee from the Steve Miller band ties Les Paul to Steve and Jimmie

Jimmie Rodgers Saga

As told by  Buffalo Benford & Merle Haggard

See a number of great artist sing Jimmie Rodgers songs in their own style

Bill Monroe became the Father of Blue Grass Music singing Jimmies Mule Skinner Blues