Jimmie Rodgers Saga

As told by  Buffalo Benford with Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Tanya Tucker, Les Paul, Rosanne Cash, 

​​Kris Kristofferson, Aaron Neville, Steve Earle, Buck Owens, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Bobby Bare, David Ball & More

This is the story of a simple man from very humble beginnings, who overcame many tragedies in his life to become, as his plaque at the Country Music Hall of Fame states:” The man who started it all”. It is the story of a man with a very unstable childhood pursuing a dream of being an entertainer, and eventually singing on the radio the top-selling artist in the late 1920'.  It is a story of broken hearts and dreams, including the twin tragedies of death and sickness. Ultimately it is the story of being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the emerging technologies of the day to achieve and surpass childhood dreams and success.  It is a story of a man who picked up his craft almost accidentally as he was struggling to make ends meet.  A man whose influences are still relevant in the music industry today.

With the backdrop of the turn of a century, the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days, the early days of recording technology, the talking machine, the wireless, the flickers and the talkies, medicine shows, rag-operas and tent-show, minstrel shows and vaudeville,  and the great iron horse riding the rails laying the foundation for a new era.  Jazz, black-face singers and race music and hillbilly music evolving and setting the stage for country and western music to Rock and Roll... the great music trail cut by  Jimmie RodgersThe man that started it all”.

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Following the Documentary Saga is the Biopic Movie

Jimmie Rodgers

The Man Who Started It All